I upgraded to the newer current, still using my custom 2. Once I can find them all I’ll post them. So I compiled the newer libdrm 2. It was that version with the 2. Well, after upgrading to current yet again two nights ago, X crashed within minutes. Keyboard, mouse, doesn’t work. So I watched a dvd and yep, it crashed.

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Are the drivers stable enough for real world use i.

Well, something new today. Fragment shading is poengl – as long as you only use x compressed textures anything more and frametimes will start to soar.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. However, while running xfce using the vesa driver I read a post about how xine would crash X.

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Which I believe were xorg versions 1. Of course there are no graphic goodies available, but for general computing it works. Well, I guess that’s it.

This time, however, X crashed while viewing LQ on seamonkey. Only have this computer to 828845g on. FedoraUbuntu, Slackware-Current Posts: My experience with Intel drivers goes back from 2 – 3 years ago and it was just awful.


Didn’t get this error running dwm. Hi everyone, as I don’t have available hardware to make tests, I was wondering if anyone around here has experience with OpenGL applications on Windows with Intel graphics chips? They advertise OpenGL 2.

Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® 82845G Graphics Controller

Even VBO were dis-functional. Anyhoo, something different happened just a few minutes ago. Failed to submit batch buffer, expect rendering corruption or even a frozen display: To be honest though you’re really going opwngl get better D3D9 support from them, and unless you absolutely must use OpenGL and don’t mind pissing off many of your potential customers I’d recommend just using D3D9 instead.

A recent Intel can run something like Doom 3 at low resolution, low detail and low to semi-playable framerates 20 or so. Direct 3D was horrible.

Intel G Can Run PC Game System Requirements

Anyway, I’m trying them again, perhaps the last time I didn’t use both at the same time. I think there is a fix for rev 02 and 03, but Opebgl not sure.


Either way, I’ve been searching all day for information on how to compile, and what deps are needed, for the newer xorg and I’ve found absolutely nothing. Unfortunately stuck with elinks, links, or lynx for a browser at the moment.

BB code is On. None the less, I recompiled the kernel rc8without any fb drivers, except the i, removed the vga lines from lilo. The files are here http: So today I compiled the newer intel driver 2.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Well, after going through this link. One more step closer, I hope Use plain uniforms, unroll your loops and you should be mostly fine.

Don’t try writing to the front buffer. So perhaps the two problems are related. Anyway, I’m not finished yet, I’m just burnt out.