Small outside air and return air economizer dampers may be mechanically linked together if one actuator has sufficient torque to drive both and damper drive shafts are both horizontal installed. Menu items on a display shall allow penetration to lower level displays or additional menus. Software shall be capable of creating two-axis X, Y graphs that display up to 10 object types at the same time in different colors. HOA switch position shall be monitored. Provide certificate stating that control system has been tested and adjusted for proper operation. Analog object values may be changed by selecting either the “increase” or “decrease” arrow in the analog object spinner box without using the keypad. Controller shall have adequate data storage to ensure high performance and data reliability.

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BTL Listing of Tested Products

This list shall include all standard, holiday and event schedules. Provide means for operator to display and change system configuration. System shall support using flow and temperature sensors for BTU monitoring. Entry shall include time and date of alarm occurrence, time and date of object state return to normal, time and date of alarm acknowledgment, and identification of operator acknowledging alarm.

Application controllers shall include universal inputs with bit resolution that can accept 3K and 10K thermistors, 0 – 5 VDC, and dry contact signals. System server shall be capable of periodically gathering energy log data stored in the field equipment and alerfon the information.

Manufacturer’s data sheets on each product to be used, including:. From installation to commissioning, of our building control solutions run your facility using the least amount energy and generate the maximum return ueb your investment. Analog objects may also be assigned to a system graphic, where the color of the defined object changes based on the analog object’s value.


A tenant bill shall be generated for a specific period using all the entered configuration data and the logged data.

Provide auxiliary junction boxes as required. Numbers called may be controlled by type of alarm or time schedule. A customized menu label push-button shall alertoon used for display selection. Function blocks shall be represented by graphical displays that are easily identified and distinct from other types of blocks. Similarly, allow the workstation operator to toggle the binary object’s status by selecting with the mouse, for example, a graphic of a switch or jsb, which then displays a different graphic such as an “ON” switch or lighted lamp.

The onboard, battery-backed real-time clock shall support schedule operations and trendlogs. Function blocks shall display real-time data and be animated to show status of data inputs and outputs when in real-time operation.

The determined point list is the minimum amount of points that are to be provided. Software tools necessary for programming shall be provided as part of project software. Each and every individual zone shall have optimum start time independently calculated based on parameters listed.

Calculate Varies based on uxb and shipping method.

Alerton Building Automation Resources

Sensor shall contain a backlit LCD digital display and user function keys along with temperature sensor. NEMA 2 rated actuator enclosures for inside mounting. The system shall permit the assignment of an effective date range, as well as an effective time of day, that the User IDs are permitted to authenticate. Design velocity shall be less than 12 feet per second when used with standard EPDM seats. Schedule editor shall support drag-n-drop holidays default for OFF all day and can be edited for multiple-day holidays.


Button functions and display data shall be programmable to show specific controller data in each mode based on which button is pressed on the sensor. The Web pages generated are automatically installed on the Web page host for access using any computer’s standard browser.

Command Line Access

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. Controllers shall include input, output and self-contained logic program as needed for complete control of unit. Two-way and three-way valves shall have an equal percentage control port. This function may be alerhon using the operator’s workstation or field computer. This list shall include standard, holiday and event schedules.

Clicking on a button or typing in a new value shall change digital data. Controller shall also include support and modifiable programming for interface to intelligent room sensor. Single bolt or set-screw type fasteners are not acceptable. Factory calibration data shall be stored in non-volatile memory.