Latest News Latest Videos. I would have preferred to have seen diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard or on the back panel instead. Looking at the socket area, there are four mounting holes for waterblocks and heatsinks, but is hampered by a row of big capacitors. As we will see shortly, the BIOS features reinforces this notion. This is the biggest change from the older SPP bridge and comes about from the official support for MHz front side bus frequency MHz effective DDR bus frequency, 8-byte bus width.

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DASP is also unchanged and nfkrce to feed the processor with as much relevant data as possible to keep the front end of the pipeline busy and the CPU working to its full potential. These fan headers are a little close to the AGP slot.

The only time it did slow down was when I stopped my Folding Home or when I turned on the air-conditioning. The Asus website also carries warranty information in an obvious spot nfore making it easier for customers to access the support they need.

Most motherboards enthusiast or otherwise include this as a matter of reliability and stability but Asus however chose not to include one. The driver CD contains your array of driver files, but also includes a useful system monitoring tool “PC Probe” which is very well designed and uncluttered.

nForce 2 Socket A Motherboard Round-up | Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe

There is also POST Reporter that pronounces audible warnings or status information during your motherboard boot-up sequence. Latest News Latest Videos.

Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. March 5, On to the south bridge. I find this extremely inconvenient and inefficient as a consumer because in order to adjust something as simple as disabling SATA, you need to not only switch the jumper to the appropriate spot, but also change the appropriate setting in the BIOS.


Nforcee won’t be an issue if you don’t tinker with your computer’s innards a lot, but it is a design issue to be aware of. Home Reviews News A7b8x. Ever since the initial release of the nForce chipset, the platform has been in ascendancy.

Asus’s support information is clearly printed on the inside of the front cover of the owner’s manual and on the driver CD. At first glance this would appear to be a good placement for it as it is away from the socket for optimal airflow and forward so you don’t have to bend your ATX cable. A 12V ATX power connector is conspicuously missing on the motherboard.

Review: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe – Mainboard –

The SPP bridge gives us the following. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

Large video coolers will block the first PCI slot. Click to find out more. That period when yields on the processors are so good that the lower end models are remarked versions of the high clocking cores. The bus link is also isynchronous meaning devices on nnforce end are free to use the bus at will and the bus can guarantee bandwidth.

So if you have a videocard with a large cooler, you may end up losing the first PCI slot as a result see above image. Combined with a number of other factors including a mature DDR DRAM market with an availability of good modules, putting together a good Athlon XP box is easier than ever and performance has never been better.


Northbridge – nForce2 SPP There’s an integrated graphics version but I’ll ignore the fact that exists for the purposes of this review. This motherboard may not have all the features that will tickle the enthusiast’s fancy, but it is an excellent board with delixe execution. TwinBank running gives us 2 bit memory controllers at MHz frequency so doing the math we get 2 x 8-byte x MHz effective DDR frequency for the 6. I personally find this feature questionable since there are many situations where you either don’t have speakers or work in a quiet environment.


Asus decided to spend their value-add-ins on the software and on the wireless network card. Codenamed nForce2 Ultra it adds explicit, default chipset voltage, MHz running and As we will see shortly, the BIOS features reinforces this notion.

nForce 2 Socket A Motherboard Round-up

During this complex thought process sitting down in front of the TV with a barrel of coffee it occurred to me that the current generation Athlon XP platform processors and motherboards mainly is entering the golden stage of its career. Unlike the other motherboards in this review, there is no southbridge cooler, but there is a passive heatsink on the northbridge. I don’t know about any other online hardware reviewer, but before a new article this one likes to have a good think about whatever it is he’s reviewing to get a good ‘angle’ on things and hopefully spit out a decent read after all the Homesite abuse has stopped.

I would have preferred to have seen diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard or on the back panel instead.