I want to install my system on my U-Disk. View 9 Replies View Related Debian:: I am attempting to get Debian Lenny 5. Does anybody know why there’d be an update for one version and not for another? I’ve recently installed ubuntu When I power it up I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

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View 1 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: Done Building dependency tree Reading state information How do I get back to where I was with preupgrade so that I can finish what I started?

Login Delay After Lucid Upgrade Apr 30, Right after I type in my username and password and hear giostar usual login sound I have to wait about 15 to 20 seconds to get the X desktop. Now I’m trying to either figure out how to add the USB boot option or find another way to install.

I ran Ubuntu desktop for a while then installed Ubuntu Server Is there a good way to troubleshoot this and determine what is causing the delay?

Hardware :: AHCI Option Greyed Out In BIOS (nForce 630i)?

Is there any solution to this problem? Wireless Option Greyed Out? My problem is as follows: It was checked with another bootloader. Problem started after installing a auduo firewall in my network.

Evo W542Pci Driver Download

The installation process should automatically detect what methods of reducing thermal output available reducing frequency scaling, throttling, fans and set trip points that invoke them before reaching critical. I am attempting to get Debian Lenny 5.


Driver ‘pcspkr’ is already registered, aborting. I am running Sorry I cannot provide you a log, becuase the installation procedure goes to the restart, the system restarts, and Grube says error 15 or View 5 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: However, today I updated Debian sid and got the 4. I did a search and found this but I don’t know how to install it.

Ubuntu Installation :: Thermal Reporting For Required Devices Not Enabled – Aborting

Thermal Sensor On Cpu May 14, I just upgraded to maverick meerkat two days ago and each time I boot I get a problem about the thermal sensor on my cpu. I found out that it is caused by AHCI.

And yes I do see the disk errors but that would be during the login on the graphical screen. All of the computers can see each other in my network map except for the ones running ubuntu.

So, biostaf you know if already exist an application that does this if not, are you able to show me how to create the script? I’ve been experiencing a weird delay between me pressing the printscreen key and the screenshot dialog appearing.

For instance, Firefox starts with 10 seconds of delay, Thunderbird with 30 second an so on. When I power it up I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor.


They’re called hd0, and hd1. I recently decided to install Ubuntu The system load average monitor is at its max and xudio to become lower. I’ve seen somewhere that there’s a way to install from a hard drive partition, but no instructions on how to do so if someone could point me to a way to do that, it seems to be my best option right now– if it even exists.

Tricom Driver Network Card

From grub menu select “Ubuntu, with Linux 2. Neither hcitool scan nor scanning with Gnome or KDE bluetooth settings is working for me. When I start up, I’m still able to boot up into rEFIt and Grub2, but there is a big delay with the screen being black for about 30 seconds and the little white light audik the left corner of the Macbook is blinking feverishly. U85548 that, I press the reset button and my grub shows ok.