Learn how to connect a mic, adjust levels and record voice! Most importantly, it can connect a nice mic to your phone so you can sound like a pro and get more likes from your channel subscribers. The photo tells all there is to tell on the machine’s functionality. Aries Cerat Gladius [on loan] Cables: MixerFace R4 is designed to solve this problem and to make sure your audience will hang on to your every word.

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CEntrance MixerFace R4 Mobile Audio Recording Interface Now In Production

You can plug your guitar straight in. I has an Auxiliary stereo input that can be mixed in right on the top panel.

The internal layout is digital to the right, analog to the left and never the twain do cross electrically. Improve Your Videos’ Audio Quality.

It delivers broadcast-level audio quality. Specifications subject to change centrancs notice as we continue to improve the product and production process. MixerFace R4 lets you record, edit and share your content online.

MixerFace includes two boutique mic preamps with independent gain controls and LED level monitoring, 48V phantom power, Hi-Z inputs for guitar and bass, and more into a handheld device the size of a passport! Your smartphone is an amazing audio production tool. Have a particular vocal mic that suits your voice? But R4 is also a versatile mixer. And a MixerFace R4R model has a built-in micro SD card recorder, so you can record to two places at once, for redundancy and safety.


Learn how to charge and turn the unit on. All PCBs are attached to extruded threaded bosses via industrial-grade 3mm screws for drop-proof reliability.

CEntrance MixerFace R4 Mobile Audio Recording Interface Now In Production | audioXpress

This converter can run off a variety of power supplies to support pro applications where just the right PSU isn’t always on hand but the show must go on.

If you shoot weddings, you know how important it is to leave a great impression on your client. That also explains why the USB input is on the right and the headphone and analog outputs on the left.

The latter is thus positioned in the middle of this open floor plan without the usual nearby back wall. MixerFace R4 mounts to a tripod, making it easy to position it just right.

An internal rechargeable battery sets MixerFace R4 apart from other recording interfaces, which are either tied to the wall or go through batteries too quickly. For the rest of it, he’d rather have you listen with your ears. This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. R4 also has Balanced outputs, an Unbalanced stereo output and a Headphone output.


About History Design Contact. Shape and dimensions duplicate the iconic MacMini. The RCA connectors are isolated from the chassis by plastic washers to avoid ground contact and the entire signal path is DC coupled, hence capacitor free. One cannot extricate parts from overall implementation. The top panel gives easy access to all of the adjustments with familiar analog pots.

Inside the chassis, each PCB is firmly secured inside its individual cavity. The photo tells all there is to tell on the machine’s functionality.

Audio for Video

No searching through menu pages to find the right adjustment — quick and easy control is always at your fingertips. Would you like to make more money from your unboxing videos?

Mixerface offers 48v phantom power to accommodate any high-end condenser. The analog output of the MixerFace R4 has a level switch to accommodate a variety of cameras.

Aries Cerat Gladius [on loan] Cables: Mum is the word on silicon then. Unless one is the designer.