Make sure all pins inside the connector are straight. Disconnect the cooling fan cable from the motherboard. When displaying an image it has transposed it by about 2. Do you know how i can get to it? I can not find anything anywhere that is similar to what it is doing. Michael Neill June 8, Thanks for the guide, very clear. It could be some loose connections in your computer preventing it from starting up.

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I took my computer chjcony the tech guys at my school because it was running slowly. It is just hot on the screen not anywhere on the body of the laptop itself. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Contents of /ldetect-lst/branches/1/lst/usb.ids

What exactly is confusing? Thanks mus teb May 12, i have an hp notebook envy xnf was using it and decided to shut it down but it failed to show screen again at power on,,all lights are ok and the fan but black screen. Alex January 13, Well your work is kind of confusing, but i just wanted to take my fan out so i can clean it.


Thank you for this. My HP DVnr is presently not booting after evolving from series of problems. It actually worked all day fine until the morning it could power on.

TacOS: Fichier source de kernel/pci/pci_vendor.h

You mention a DC Power Jack which caught his attention as when he presses the on button the lights flash and then nothing; no screen, no fan. Take a very small flat head screwdriver and insert it between the battery and white housing.

Lift up the right side of the motherboard. If you have a possibly chivony Turion 2 CPU, I might be able to take that off your hands and see if it works in mine. Now you can access the cable connector. I am not sure if I blowing with compressed air works better, It will for sure spread the dust more.

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Bad connection between the keyboard ribbon cable and motherboard. Tried safe mode and windows said it has recovered from an error. Any ideas what this could be? Jovan November 3, I have a dv-5 and the screen has gone black. This is the unit I am working on: Does it run better now? This is just a guess. I replaced the video cable first…. Turned off, he pulled the ram out and stuck it back in and the computer worked normally again. There is a chance the motherboard will work after the cleaning.


At first a single beep would sound when i turned it on. Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery, push on the power button for a few seconds.

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Test your AC adapter first. Thanks to your step-by-step-guide and your answers, I found out that the 20V lead from the incoming contact to the motherboard had its insulation worn off and was in contact with the chassis. I guess your numbers should be close.

Find the motherboard part number. It means the problem could be related to the video cable. Do you think I should replace the thermal pads on the heat sink assembly? But we are back to a usability of roughly 30 to 50 min before chicon freeze.

Example number 7 is what happens. Nelson September 25, After reassembling all the parts, my labtop started up.