Wrong Toner Y Do all of the wiring below have normal Page The parts to which no reference number COPTI is assigned will not be available as after-sale service parts. List of the Symbols Symbols Explanation 7. Toner remaining on the drum is scraped off by the Cleaning Blade, and collected in the Waste Toner Box. Page Ready ADF is not recognized. HP detection plate Table

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Is it possible for you to attach the printer directly via USB?

Epson AcuLaser CX11NF Driver Download | Epson Driver Downloads

Since the remaining toner hinder subsequent processes, it is scraped off by a Cleaning Blade that contacts with the drum, and is collected in the Waste Toner Box. Page USB cable. Do all of the wiring below have normal Service Req E continuity? Felix qqq wrote on Page 29 An optional sheet cassette can be added to the printer to feed papers as follows. Work is not to be Expressions relating to directions in procedures are defined as follows: The printer’s cover, control panel and any other parts which are directly related to the user’s safety should also be observed carefully.


The file you wanted was still unchanged. Till, do you know about this error message?

Epson AcuLaser CX11NF Driver

Take out the photoconductor unit and the toner cartridge boxes. Follow the instructions shown in the program to do the e;son. List of the Symbols Symbols Explanation 7. I’ll put this here as it seems to be related to this bug.

This same avanced was working with 8. Printer-Dependent Error As this product is an all in one printer, it is necessary to figure out which function has caused the error or the warning displayed on the panel. Naturally I’ll report back because either I’ll get it working, in which case it’ll be useful information to the Ubuntu community or it won’t, in which case I’ll be all the more desperate for help!

Products for other than Noth America are European destination spec. Now it’s showing two options for the same Epson printer actually, three, since it’s also showing an old USB hook-up I used with an old Mac so that I could scan images with it.

Wrong Toner K Do all of the wiring below have normal They all had the same effect except one – the C which you recommended. So please remove your print queue al-xx11 recreate it, then you should get the correct PPD file.


Horizontal vertical to the paper feed Is the image printed normally? Monochrome Print Mode Unit: Part Name Diagram No. Many thanks for your help. Specify the destination to save and enter a name for the file. I have a similar issue with the Epson T24 and other users are having with different epson printer models: Does it print then?

TonerCart Error M Do all of the wiring below have normal Wrong Toner C Do all of the wiring below have normal Never perform dangerous operations.

Simplified Status Sheet 2. D4 compatible device Space: Rick Spencer rick-rickspencer3 wrote on Changed in cups Ubuntu: Non D4 compliant device Number of occurrences of jams indicated by JC and 6 figures