The touch screen system of claim 9 , wherein the signal processor executes further computer-executable instructions for: In block , at least a portion of the input surface is illuminated when an object is detected. Use of LED or OLED array to implement integrated combinations of touch screen tactile, touch gesture sensor, color image display, hand-image gesture sensor, document scanner, secure optical data exchange, and fingerprint processing capabilities. For example, three light panels—including a red, green and blue light panel may be used. Has there been any update on this? The input device as recited in claim 4 wherein in the gesture state the input device is configured to receive a gesture input from the multiple objects.

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Alternatively or additionally, the visual effects may be used during and after the input event to dynamically indicate characteristics associated with the input events.

Following step the method loops back to step for further process. What is claimed is: In the case of a finger for example the illumination portion may cover an area similar to the detected area of the finger.

Shades of green and blue and blue and red can be implemented in a similar touchpad/touchscrewn. For instance, other embodiments of the invention can be configured to transition directly from a tracking state to a selection state or a dragging state Integrated light guide and touch screen frame and multi-touch determination method.

In most cases, the light transmitting portions are optically separated from the outer nodes so that the light does not bleed into the outer nodes when the light is passing through the light transmitting portions By way of touchpad/touchscreej, the touch pad can produce an input surface with rainbow stripes, different colored spots, different colored quadrants or sections and the like. Portable electronic device for changing menu display state according to rotating degree and method thereof.


In one implementation, at least the area adjacent the object is illuminated.

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The signal processor for executing computer-executable instructions for processing the first signal to determine approximated coordinates of a first pair of outer edges of the object and processing the second signal to determine approximated coordinates of a second pair of outer edges of the object.

Other stylus designs can accomplish similar functionality.

Office Action mailed Jul. This is typically accomplished by activating distinct LED’s at different times or by adjusting the touchpad/touchscreej of distinct LED’s at different times.

Having a problem logging in? Device for detecting a mechanical actuation of an input element by using digital technology, and method for processing and converting the digital input signal into commands for controlling a load. The information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program.

For example, in the case of a circular touch pad, the rotational user input may be the user swirling their finger around the circular touch pad. The method may additionally include blocks and Has there been any update on this?

For example, suitable reflective or refractive components such as reflective tape, paint, metal or plastic, mirrors, prisms, etc. Coordinate input device, control method therefor, and control program for implementing the method. Further, the light switches are all in optical communication with the light emitting device By way of example, the position of the light pipes may be based on Cartesian coordinates, Polar coordinates, or some other coordinate system.

Subsequently, if a variation in the intensity of the energy beams is detected by the detectors, the computing device can process this information to determine that a touch has occurred on or near the touch screen The light diffuser may be embodied in many different forms including for example surface treatments on one or more layers of the touch screen, additives in one or more layers of the touch screen, an additional layer in the touch screen, rigid plastic inserts disposed above or below the touch screen, flexible labels disposed above or below the touch screen, and the like.


In the simplest case, a signal takamisawwa produced each time an object is positioned over a sensing point.

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The openings may be the gaps that would normally be formed between the fujitdu separated electrodes or they may be predetermined gaps around which the spatially separated electrodes are positioned when printed on the PCB If the finger or stylus touchpsd/touchscreen not moving i. At least two spaced apart detectors are included in preferred embodiments, so that the location of a touch can be determined using triangulation techniques, as described below.

Canadian Patent Application No. In cases such as this, the light diffusing label may even be placed in a pocket formed by recesses at the top edge of the housing wall in order to make the top surface of touchpad/tkuchscreen light diffusing label flush with the external surface of the housing wall Object editing system, object editing method and object editing program product.

Rotational user inputs are further described in U.