Set the baud rate to and change your code to remove NSS This is intended for a weather balloon launch project, and I was considering using this data to trigger certain action based on an altitude but I simply can’t get reasonably reliable altitude readings, as you can see: The user will need to build an appropriate cable to accomplish this. If you unzipped the files to another directory, proceed as follows: Is it possible something happened to the GPS unit?

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Garmin GPS 18x LVC 5m

Unless you plan on sending commands to configure the GPS you can actually run the GPS and debug with serial prints on the same hardware serial port without having to use NewSoftSerial as long as you don’t mind unplugging the GPS every time you upload a sketch.

Garmin Binary Output Format.

A browser window will open and default to the folder C: Hope this is of some assistance. I didn’t think it would either, so I only tried half-heartedly As for wayneft’s suggestion to remove NSS, I can’t do that because, as kg4wsv said, my specific unit uses Ggps18x levels so I need an inverter. Changed default RTCM baud rate to So, to make this work you need to: PaulS Brattain Member Posts: Either select Config-Update Software from the menu bar or press F12 to update the software.


Power up the unit.

The checksum algorithm is well known and code is available for it. Here’s the sketch I’ve been using: Copies may be obtained from NMEA, www. Improved binary phase output and mode switching reliability. If you unzipped the files to another directory lvvc option 2 below. In this case, click ‘Cancel’ to continue with the update.

Garmin GPS 18x LVC, 5m High-Sensitivity Receiver

Either select Config-Switch to Garmin mode from the menu bar or press F11 to switch your unit to Garmin update mode. The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.

Added map unlock support. Change History Changes made from version 3.

Garmin GPS 18x giving funny output

The unit does read data so I think I will be able to parse the data onboard and determine what I gls18x through a series of filters to make sure the data is gps18s it can be pretty simple, just compare the parsed data to surrounding data points Unfortunately I’ve been running into another set of issues there.

During the upload, the display will indicate ‘Software Loading However, that can potentially leave you with a partially read string hanging in the queue. Garmin Lfc 18x giving funny output. From the technical manual: That’s data from an airplane ride there was a loss of signal at takeoff which is why that part seems sudden AFTER I’ve parsed it and done some data-checking to make sure the altitude looks good.


Updates & Downloads

Garmin Binary Output Format for details. Click ‘OK’ to begin the software upload.

Changes made from version 2. Thankfully I can do that with one line of code instead of having to go out and buy more hardware. If you unzipped the files to hps18x directory, proceed as follows: I suspect that there is a wiring problem, or the sketch has changed.

Fixed factory firmware flash capabilities. The unit may already be in Garmin update mode. Update the magnetic variation table.

Installation Instructions Download the appropriate self-extracting archive file onto your hard drive. If the connection confirmation window does not appear, there are two possibilities: