Hats off to you for helping us to unlock the dongle so that we can use it with any SIM. For there are many websites code generator but I am going to mention the trusted one here i. I, in principle, am against the locking of devices for which the consumer has paid in full to a particular network. And things should work fine. Go through the following URL and then proceed to further steps: Now your device is unlocked and you can now use any SIM of any network without any restriction message on the screen. This article gives more details about the Vodafone 3G Dongle – K

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Raj 05 Mar And things should work fine.

Idea NetSetter USB

Before I delve into the details of the Idea Net Setter USB modem unlocking process, a little backgrounder if you just want to unlock your device and are not interested in the story that I want to narrate, you can skip this and scroll below.

Idea Netsetter USB internet any help? Double click to run the Universal MasterCode. Thanks for the information.

Top 3 methods to unlock your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle

This article gives more details about the Vodafone 3G Dongle – K It shows ‘file not found’. As soon as you get the code, enter it where you were previously asked to unlock the Idea Net Setter dongle for any SIM. That meant that I was technically stuck with the USB modem that was to me nothing more than an overpriced 10MB pen drive. Today everyone opts to buy a USB dongle to connect to the internet via this small portable pocket device.


process of install usb idea netsetter dev… – Apple Community

As soon as you give the IMEI number and verify the code shown in the image, you will get your unique unlocking code which you need to enter where you were asked to do so and fully unlock your dongle at no cost. You can do this by giving default code for unlocking i. I think this works but the 1st and 3rd link are not working. You will be blessed. January 14th, 5.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. January 16th, 9. I have put it up in good faith and then extract it using idwa unzipping tool Winzip, 7Zip etc.

The first time, it connected by default but later just refused to. January 14th, 3. Hats off to you for helping us to unlock the dongle so that we can use it with any SIM.

Unlock using the online website- Online key generator You can also netsetyer to unlock the said device by the online key generator. I am going to put forward the three effective methods to do so. I have updated the link. Maggi fan after Maggi ban.


Solved: How to Unlock/Jailbreak Idea Net Setter USB Modem (Huawei EG162G) for Free

Timmappa Kamat 22 Feb Member Level: I am unable to change my network setting. Netstter type – unlock Huawei E Now try to connect.

January 13th, 2. Insert the unlock code generated by Universal MasterCode. Apologies to those who can no longer fleece the gullible for the unlock codes.

Neeraj The first link of Huawei code tool is not working because Rapidshare is offline now. So, for your device there will be a unique code which you can get by downloading the Huawei modem code writer software.