This unique architecture dramatically reduces the chance that any phishing scam can slip through the cracks and blindside an unsuspecting Internet user. There are a lot of utilities for burning CDs and DVDs available today on the market.

They often have sophisticated features for creating audio and video discs as if entertainment would be the only purpose of buying computers. However, when you try to use these utilities for something more serious, like making backups of your important information to laser discs, you may encounter some problems and, to your surprise, it is not as easy and quick as it should be. This program makes recording files and folders to CDDVDs as simple, convenient and quick as possible.

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The security details may be all libraries that will be needed by an application, all functions that will be used by an application, all functions (also anonymous) that will be published by an application, all functions that will be forwarded to other libraries, all obsolete functions that are exported and imported by an application, whether the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Windows security mechanism will be used, whether the Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) Windows security mechanism will be used, whether a debug file is referenced and its GUID and counter; whether an HTTP, RAS or Socket channel will be opened; whether unused bytes (Caves) are available.


Sprintometer is a free project management tool optimized for the Scrum methodology.

Though sometimes spelled with all caps, SCRUM, it’s not an acronym; it’s a term taken from rugby football and refers here to the holistic, overlapping, all-at-once approach often used in agile software development.

Participants call their intensive, two- to four-week projects “sprints.

” Sprintometer helps you time your sprints. It has an Office-style layout, exports to Excel, supports XML, reports on Agile parameters, and tracks development and testing separately. It also offers password protection and HTTPS server connections for security.

And it’s completely portable, requiring no installation to run.

You can run Sprintometer’s extracted executable from just about anywhere, including a USB drive. Everything you need is right on the Sprintometer toolbar, clearly labeled and logically grouped under General, Export, Local File, Remote Server, Budget Info, Spreadsheet Filters, and View.

We clicked New under Local File, calling up the Project Type wizard, which asked us to choose an Agile project type, XP (extreme programming), or Scrum.

You can’t change project types once a project has been created. We selected Scrum, and Sprintometer presented a cleanly configured, tabbed tool sheet. On the General tab, we entered a project name, Estimation Units, and Work Types, easily adding a custom task in the process. The Resources Budgets tab contained the nub of a spreadsheet, while the Server Project Users tab let us add users to our server via a log-on dialog.

This tab is where you’d authorize team members to access the project server, which is configured via the Remote Server section of the toolbar.


Here we could set up and save our server settings, connections, and log-on data. From our project name in the navigation tree view, we were able to add Sprints, which track projects via a workbook with eight tabs of charts, graphs, and reports, including Scope Chart, Track Chart, 3D Burn Down, and Story Readiness Report.

We were impressed with all Sprintometer has to offer, especially for a free project management tool.

The XP tool seems just as capable as the Scrum section. While optimized for software development, Sprintometer can be used for any project using Agile methodologies.

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Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Sprintometer: Sprintometer is a simple tool with modern GUI for SCRUM and Extreme Programming projects’ tracking. Enhanced Burn-down with 95 statistical sector. Support for variable team size. Prediction of deviation from sprintiteration plan.

Export to Microsoft Excel for all charts and spreadsheets.

Data in local file or in shared DB on server. Modern and user friendly interface in Microsoft Office 2007 style. Numerous reports with all important Agile parameters. XML format support. Assignment of resources to Tasks and User Stories. Separate tracking of development and testing tasks. Change requests tracking.