Was this review helpful to you? If your N0CAL arrl. At this time, we don’t have plans to enable such workarounds. We issue this warning to all our customers and consumers to avoid confusion and false purchase. This is a problem with your Windows XP machine and its standard libraries. I purchased one of these from an ebay vendor.

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If your radio supports it, you can choose split in the Duplex column. Here are some recommended common cables:. Wiki Start page Index by title Werial by date Advertisements.


See the CableGuide for more sserial about which cable to use for your radio. CHIRP’s focus is to support reading and writing the memory channels of as many radio models as possible.

Check KawaMall and Valley Enterprises for other options. They sent a link that installed the driver onto my laptop running Windows XP.

KAWAMALL Serial Rs USB Programming Ribless Cable for A8 Motorola Mag 1 Bpr40 | eBay

These attach to a USB port and create a virtual serial port that software can use as if it was a regular port. This is far more reliable than manipulating the radio by hand and synchronizing the software. If you are suffering from this problem, please contact your ISP and ask them to deliver your mail.


It supports a growing list of radios across several manufacturers and allows transferring of memory contents between them. Prolific will take proper and severe actions to cease and confiscate these counterfeit products. They’re choosing to optimize their workload instead of delivering everything to you and letting you decide what is spam and what isn’t. Here are some recommended common cables: Counterfeit IC products show exactly the same outside chip markings but generally are of poor quality and causes Windows driver compatibility issues Yellow Mark Error Code 10 in Device Manager.

Insert the provided software driver CD into your computer CD tray. Can I add new stock configurations? Powered by SMF 1. Contact the site with comments or questions. Note that there are no plans to support iOS or Android at this time due to major technical limitations. If it’s listed on the front pagethen it is.

Prolific recommends following vendor cable brands: AA4PB on September 07,kxwamall Downloading prolific drivers was a waste of time none of them worked. FREE live chat software.


KAWAMALL Serial Rs-232 USB Programming Ribless Cable for A8 Motorola Mag 1 Bpr40

This provides the ability to exchange your programming information between dissimilar radios. Wait for hardware wizard to find the driver.

Write an online review and share your thoughts. If you’re interested in loaning your radio for this process, please follow these steps: Only if you send from that address too. Here are a few common methods: October 21,kawamal, Contact the site with comments or questions. This can often be done in a relatively short period of time, but requires physical access to the radio itself. Why can’t I upload my CSV file? September 08, If the above does not help you, Google for this error message and you will find many such problem reports with myriad other applications, as well as suggested fixes, depending on what the root cause of your problem is.