This new mouse promises a lot. But, for there is a but, recently, a few days ago, it stopped charging on the base. I did what Logitech said, and reloaded the Setpoint software, but that didn’t help. Ozone Rage ST headset. Before resorting to slander and profanity, why don’t you submit your problems in a clear, and coherent way to Logitech and help them fix problems and build a better product. Instead of a LED this mouse uses a new laser sensor which is the result of a collaboration between Logitech and Agilent Technologies. I’ve repositioned my receiver to many new locations as people have suggested and it doesn’t fix the problem.

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There is something special about the mouse: At work, the right button seems to be sticky and sometimes works delayed and the current driver update hung up completely and none of my button assignment works since From CD and DVD players to printers laserr handheld pointers, lasers designed for consumer use offer enormous benefits and a high degree of safety. Try applying a few pieces of tape. I can’t say enough good about this mouse. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. I didn’t really expect much in the way of performance improvement, having bought more than my share of lackluster “new and improved” items.

This will ensure that these complaints climb up the google totem pole and start showing up when other potential consumers google for logitechs products.


Swipe the mouse while drawing the line very quickly left and right. The funny thing is support asked me ” Are you gaming with it? I like to use the ‘back’ button for browsing the web, and also for ‘use’ and ‘enter vehicles’ in UT, but if i set this for UT, the button ceases to work when browsing, and vice versa.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97

I resorted to some super glue and that fixed it but now the next problem is much more serious. I have the feeling you won’t need to replace it for a very long time!

The MX will jump all over the place. Make sure there isn’t any interference from other devices such as your speakers, cell phone, Have assigned buttons 3 buttons for use in windows and 5 for games.

Apart from that no other problems. Cursor moves suddenly to the left, the buttons are sticky, it takes for ever to register a double click. I was unable to use any of my mouse’s buttons other then the two main ones. My previous mouse was wireless and did not have any problems.

God knows why Logitech chose to engineer all these features out of their laer Took it to PC World where I was informed that after 28 days, they are longer responsible for it.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse review – DV Hardware

We have a boardroom environment. A laser-based mouse can see more detail Laser illumination reveals structure that an LED simply cannot express. Its starting to drive me nuts. I wouldn’t recommend this mouse for my cat.


Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac

It would move suddenly all over, moude clicks would get “stuck” mx11000 you’d drag instead of click, and the only way to fix it temporarily is to press the sync button on the base. As a gamer, it is quite the drag to find your self not being able to control your mouse, or worse yet, the mouse controlling you, eg: I installed a nice little 3rd-party app called Uberpoint and all is well again; all the missing features are back!

Until logitech starts writing useful drivers for their products, i’ll continue to avoid buying moouse products. Many, many possibilities with this one in particular. Its purely a recharger and plugs to mains only. That’s why there are re-releases, and second issues. I have been using it for a month now. Wireless will go for about 3 meters from the base but can suffer at distance if the base is not pointing directly at you.

Secondly, special buttons are quite hard to reach.