May not be related but is Energy saver set to allow drive sleep? Might also check the system logs open Console app and view all messages to see if there’s any useful entries there related to the problem. This card uses the Silicon Image sil driver. When I run the WD diagnostic test it says cable test fail. No kernel panics at all, in fact very impressed all round, seems a bit more responsive than FW I assume any drives mounted via the card were ejected before powering off. I also used the non-RAID driver, but never tried it with

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Nov 1, 2: Multiple tries, failure, nothing Sticky on that above.

MacBook Pro eSATA options with ExpressCard/34 Slot

The chip in this card is not the problematic Sil chipset. While most people seem to worry about issues with kernel panics, I was much more worried about data corruption if the driver didn’t fully support the new OS as the automatic removal of the drivers during the upgrade suggested. But I’ve also had others report problems in the past and recently with Sil cards PCIe and Expresscardand last week’s news had posts regarding needed 64bit seata updates for Snow Leopard.

I’m also curious if the natively supported in OS X Mon Nov 24 Now if there were only a 2. I first ran Here’s some exprss about my setup: I use standard Samsung Spinpoint drives and not the server grade drives as Google’s Hard Drive failure rate research paper suggests little significant differences in drive reliability once past a higher twelve month initial failure rate for standard drives.


Whether this is by design or coincidence, I’m not sure.

Surrey Indian Surrey Indian. So many variables possible in hardware wxpress software configs out there and the card alone may not be the culprit.

Radio and Optical Slaves. I added links to the delta and combo Hi guys, Well, this is what I bought,, http: Then I will start using them and after a month or so, the problem re-appears.

To save space here page already huge see my comments in the Jan. The card will cause a kernel panic when it is removed it takes about 20 seconds, then panic. Oct 24, 5: I get a lot of mails on just OS X software update problems, most I can’t replicate personally, even on similar hardware.

VelociRaptor ‘External’ HD | [H]ard|Forum

The OWC Slim card is semi-compatible with port multiplied enclosures: To the guys that have it working- do you have just the Sil driver in your extensions folder or do you eata two – the other one called something like silr5 which is the RAID 5 driver? In the past though some had problems with the SI site ref drivers but not sonnet’s ssata despite it often being the same version – perhaps something in their installer helped?


Oct 29, Disabling journaling above tip was one temporary workaround used by some until the firmware update was released And earlier that year some iMac owners reported similar problems with Samsung F1 drives with firmware 1AA01 and earlier IIRC back then. I did this back and forth a few times, always 38 seconds, then suddenly the descending horizontal blackout kernel xepress appeared, and I was back where I was on Anyone had this problem?

Other than the system profiler difference. In either case it needs reboot mostly for either the Mac OS to see it or of course for the FirmTek driver to see. Mike ArmstrongJan 17, Once you power off card system will not see it again unless you reboot. IIRC the Velociraptor with the icepack attached doesn’t align the connectors the same as a standard 3. Kernel loadable modules in backtrace with dependencies: It does not matter if the card has been powered off or not.