Organic theme Idle Screen. Shown is the Plus version of the plain i Tearsheet for Iris Theme Pack. It would be dismissed by the user interacting with the app that controlled each type of notice. I was told by Motorola iDEN’s marketing team that the largest group of consumers for their push-to-talk phones was in Latin America and due to cultural ideas about masculinity and femininity separate phones needed to be made and marketed towards women as opposed to men. Interaction Proof of Concept with Indicators.

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Interaction Proof of Concept.

Motorola iDEN P2k1 Device USB Drivers – Download Device Drivers – –

Shown is the Plus version of the plain i Only one of my concepts was chosen, lden would eventually become the Organic theme. Tearsheet for Laser Theme Pack. This was in addition and parallel to the design and creation of the animations and graphics. Redesigned Edge Clock Drawer Concept. Shown is the i Plus phone for which it was designed.

Tearsheet for Iris Theme Pack. Tearsheet for Street Theme Pack.

Space theme Idle Screen. Animations were created in Photoshop and are simulations of how the final production phone interactions would look. Below is the result of that time motorpla. Edge Clock Drawer Concept.


They exist as examples only. The phone’s design is mil-spec and intended to be used on private networks only, such as those used in construction and firefighting. To that end the theme packs needed to appeal to that demographic.

Four Clouds, LLC by: The sensitive nature of the work environments in which the handset would be deployed requires a highly legible screen. Harsh environments don’t affect the phone, especially the “IS” version, which is rated for use in explosive environments.

The Plus version had a different CMF as well as some upgraded internal features. Crimson theme Idle Screen. From the beginning of until that summer, I was the main designer for the iDEN division and so I worked on screen-based media on four different phones.

Edge Clock Shove Concept. Finally, in collaboration with the marketing and technical teams, as well as human factors professionals at HumanCentric, I created the user interface specification documents and guided them through their final versions.

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The project came in on time, with great motoroola from the leads on the handset project’s team. I actually hope not to see this one in person ever, as that would mean I’m really in danger…. Sign Up With Email. The design tool simulates the appearance of screen media so the captures from that program are less polished than the actual graphics would be on a production phone.


Motorola –

Redesigned Edge Clock Apparition Concept. Street theme Idle Screen. Tearsheet for the Onyx Theme Pack.

Tearsheet for Graffiti Theme Pack. Iris theme Idle Screen. Edge Clock Apparition Concept. The design brief required the creation interfacd a new icon representing voicemail as well iddn a redesign of the idle screen’s 2 different clock options to make use of the extra screen real estate on the i9’s internal and external screens.

It was a very collaborative experience and I worked directly with human factors specialists, software developers, and technical marketers. Tearsheet for Spiral Espiral Theme Pack.