Change in bowel or urinary activity. This feature is available to authenticated users only. Later in the 19th and 20th century they were bred for their coat color, and subsequently characterized genetically. Blood collection An adult mouse has a circulating blood volume of about 1. The system may improve our ability to study basic and translational aspects of corneal neurobiology. Aspirate the mixed venous arterial blood is into an appropriate receptacle. Ectromelia causes high mortality and drastic measures including depopulation are usually taken to eliminate the disease.

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Rotate the tube gently as you proceed. Young are weaned after 21 days at which time they are g. All individuals performing euthanasia must be properly trained. Outbreaks result in widespread deaths in neonates and occasionally weanlings, with or without diarrhea.

This volume may be repeated after weeks. Picture with standard ear numbering. The most common approach is to lay the mouse on its back and insert a 25 to 30 gauge needle attached mouwe a 1ml syringe just behind the xiphoid cartilage and slightly left of the middle. Individuals must also ensure that animals are dead before the carcass is disposed.

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This behavior is especially evident among females and is more common in some strains than others. Ectromelia This viral disease is the worst nightmare in a mouse colony. Drugs can be administered in water, in jello, as oral drops, mose gavage or injected. Plugs persist for hours and may last as long as 48 hours. The pelleted feed is supplied as regular, breeder, certified, irradiated or autoclavable.


It may be preferable to replace breeders when they are 6 months old. Mosue hepatitis virus causes a wasting disease and high mortality in immunocompromised animals.

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Blood can be collected from x-35g sites in the mouse including tail vein, saphenous vein, retro-orbital sinus, brachial vessels, vena cava or cardiac puncture. Transect the vessels and allow blood to pool into the pocket created by tenting the skin. A fine gauge needle should be used to make injections in the anterior thigh muscle.

Establishment of a reproducible system of microinjection at the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve was achieved. Cages moyse filter tops may have a slightly higher temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and ammonia than the room air.

The organisms are primarily localized in the lungs but may also involve other organs including the eyes, skin etc. India ink dye was microinjected x-35g the needle.

Mice have an os penis or os clitoridis associated with a-35v genitalia. After collecting the blood withdraw the tube and apply pressure on the closed eyelids to stop any bleeding. It is important that barbering is differentiated from other causes of hair loss or skin problems e. Secretions from the gland contain varying amounts of reddish-brown porphyrin pigment depending on the physiologic state, age, strain and sex of the mouse.


Porphyrin discharge red-brown pigment around eyes and nostrils. Biting or shaking affected body part. Tail It may be necessary to warm the tail by exposing it briefly to a heat lamp or placing it in a bowl of warm water. The female usually eats the placenta.

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a-35 Make a cut through the skin at the side of the thorax into the angle of the forelimb axilla to expose the axillary vessels. There is a fertile postpartum estrus. Affected animals are scruffy, pruritic itchyloose hair and have scratch wounds, which can become infected with bacteria. Anesthesia In general inhalant anesthetics are safer than injectable anesthetics. They are born hairless and their eyes open after days.